May. 29th 2017
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アイエスビー タレント(ISB)

インターナショナル スターズ&ブレインズ
タレント・モデル プロダクション
International Stars & Brains Talent and Model Agency

Russia チーム ロシア Russia ロシア語圏から福岡で活躍中!
ただ今、アンナ、アレクサンドラ TVCM出演中!Recent appearances!
やずや千年ケフィアなどのモデル アンナやずや千年ケフィアなどのモデル アレクサンドラ
 ISB Needed! CM models, actors, narrators : Age 0-70
二人とも新人です〜よろしくお願いします!Recent appearances!
福岡 外国のモデル福岡 韓国 韓流モデル
 We accept new models age 18 - 40 male models

Application Conditions


1. Models are required to have legal permission  to work in Japan.
2. Models cannot be in a contract, are registered, have pictures or videos, or are tied with other talent and modeling agencies.
3. Models are required to be living in Japan. Please contact us AFTER you moved into Japan.

1. We cannot accept any mail without the model's name, birth date, telephone number, and address
2. Please don't contact us if you have a difficulty to come to Fukuoka for castings, fittings, or shootings. It is necessary to come to Fukuoka at least two to three times for one motion graphic job. Our clients will not pay the transportation fee for castings and fittings.
3. Models from Tokyo and Osaka are recommended to choose a model agency in your area. Our jobs are mainly in Fukuoka and sometimes around Tokyo, other cities, or countries. We do not have any information about other agencies.
4.Our jobs are mainly in Fukuoka and sometimes around Tokyo, other cities, or countries. We can not recommend people to do modeling as a main job in Fukuoka who have worked as models in capital cities of countries including Tokyo. These smaller markets have small budgets. But we will always welcome models who would like to improve their skills or are modeling for fun.
5. It is necessary to renew the model's voice files and photos at least once in 6 months. Our clients will not accept models using old pictures or voice files for castings. If the model get a job during those 6 months, we might be able to take free new pictures.
重要 礼節・良識・プロ意識のある方の活動で、ISB一同は常に精進しています。
ご注意! 楽器・音楽をメインの方は、当方の事務所は適当でないので、連絡しないで下さい。
左:うちでは新モデル!よろしくお願いします! New model!
右:最近、博物館内映像に出演しました! Recent appearances!
福岡 外国人モデル福岡 外国人モデル

We provide new information only for ISB menbers.

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